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How a Paper Supporting Colonialism Hacked Academic Metrics

No jail time for blogger who refused court order to identify sources cjr

Every Episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Ranked (Nos. 20-1) the ringer

Blade Runner 2049′ Reviews Make it Clear the Sequel is One of Roger Deakins’ Major Achievements indiewire

Gregg Popovich’s speech about white privilege felt like a personal rebuke the undefeated

U.S. to Pull More Diplomats Out of Cuba After Attacks NYTimes

From the If this Isn’t Fascism I Don’t Know What Is Department: DOJ demands Facebook information from ‘anti-administration activists’ CNN

Searching for unicorns: Managing expectations to find cybersecurity talent. Finding the cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow means being realistic about job descriptions and providing training and mentoring for non-traditional tech people. Csoonline

Risk on All Sides as 4,800 Women Sue Over Johnson’s Baby Powder and Cancer NYTimes

Amazon Is Developing a Bonanza of Genre Titles: Ringworld, Snow Crash, and Lazarus io9

Index is the cleaner, faster, better Evernote we’ve been waiting for the next web

There’s Now Science-Backed Advice on How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs. This result emphases the importance of making sure luggage and other belongings are made as inaccessible to bed bugs as possible when staying in increased risk places, for example by making sure bags are fully closed and secured and kept away from the bed.” Hentley agreed with this advice.

Moto G4 now available for just $120 on Amazon. The one without ads, even. Android authority

FBI Bribery Scandal Reveals Rick Pitino Wasn’t Just a Hall of Famer, but a Phony. Pitino, of course, pleaded ignorance to the situation, and his lawyer has proclaimed Pitino’s innocence. It’s a claim that makes other coaches laugh—just like they did two years ago, when Pitino said he didn’t know that one of his assistants was hiring prostitutes and strippers to entertain recruits on official visits. Bleacher report

Some believe shifting focus to New Orleans rather than addressing root causes of the party culture on Tulane’s campus might oversimplify the narrative. Tulane hullabaloo

John Wall, Karl Towns speak out on college basketball recruiting scandal sbnation

Google’s new app lets parents turn old Android tablets into kid-friendly devices the verge

Broadening HSTS to secure more of the Web security Google blog