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Americans are horrified by DHS plan to track immigrants on social media
The government is turning Facebook into a new kind of surveillance tool. Engadget

New approaches to same old problems at Sewerage and Water Board: This week’s coastal news.

Why It’s Time to Pay Attention to the Crisis in Catalonia Bloomberg

Trump Lashes Out at Puerto Rico Mayor Who Criticized Storm Response NYTimes

Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet? The intercept

Americans Have Given Up on Public Schools. That’s a Mistake.

The current debate over public education underestimates its value—and forgets its purpose.

Benjamin Barber warned in 2004 that “America as a commercial society of individual consumers may survive the destruction of public schooling. America as a democratic republic cannot.” In this era of growing fragmentation, we urgently need a renewed commitment to the idea that public education is a worthy investment, one that pays dividends not only to individual families but to our society as a whole. The atlantic