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Casinos Take Pac-Man, Add Gambling

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Proposed New Mexico science standards edit out basic facts

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NASA is teaming up with Russia to put a new space station near the moon. Here’s why. Popsci

Getting to Great: 4 ways to work better with creative

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The Effects of Statewide Private School Choice on College Enrollment and Graduation urban institute

New Orleans warrant clinic set for Sept. 30 gambit

CrackMapExec v3.1.5 – A Swiss Army Knife For Pentesting Networks kitploit

Join us in supporting Techdirt as it faces a threatening lawsuit for exercising its First Amendment rights freedom of the press

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The Big Bang Wasn’t The Beginning, After All starts with a bang

A major check-in systems crash is disrupting airports worldwide quartz

Parks and Bicycles Were Lifelines After Mexico City’s Earthquake citylab

Android unlock patterns are too easy to guess, stop using them

Homeland Security plans to collect immigrants’ social media info. The rule, which would take effect Oct. 18, would allow the agency to collect information from US immigrants’ Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. CNET

Sonic Data Breach Potentially Affects Millions

A President’s Words Matter: Deception of the Public and the Impeachable Offense lawfareblog

‘Annihilation’ First Trailer: ‘Ex Machina’ Director Alex Garland Returns With a Major Science-Fiction Vision indiewire

Dark-Web Drug Dealer Arrested After He Travelled US for World Beard Championships the Hacker news

In Ukraine, a Huge Ammunition Depot Catches Fire NYTimes

In the Virgin Islands, Hurricane Maria Drowned What Irma Didn’t Destroy NYTimes

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