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How to spot a fake social media account

  • Superficial comments in disparate discussions
  • Comments that consistently derail conversation on to a particular view
  • @ing or mentioning others that routinely show up in threads that this person derailed
  • The supporting accounts that were @ed or mentioned have very superficial post history and profiles
  • Common Instagram-type of profile pictures that could probably be image searched for duplicate usage
  • Almost no personal information is ever intimated in any post ever; (don’t forget how sloppy your public posts can get with your personal information, like you attending a specific event with specific people)

None of these things individually proves anything, but together they should get your hackles up. You can and should:

  • Take a minute to see the other person’s posts especially if they are inflammatory or slightly irrelevant
  • If they look fake they probably are and should be reported with haste because they will add to a fake groundswell of opinions to advance a particular agenda
  • Think for yourself
  • Question where your opinions come from
  • Question what would make a person come to an opposing viewpoint from yours
  • Engage in thoughtful and well-reasoned conversation with your friends and family
  • Vote
  • Voice your opinions based on your own original thought and avoid repeating slogans
  • Use a password manager like 1password, lastpass, or keepass
  • Never share or reuse your passwords with anyone
  • Use two-factor authenticator wherever possible
  • Print your two-factor authenticator codes and store them in a safe or otherwise secure space that only you have access to
  • Tell your mother you love her