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Stanislav Petrov, Soviet Officer Who Helped Avert Nuclear War, Is Dead at 77

Politically ReActive‏ @PoliticReActive.@bellhooks wants you to leave behind colonial beauty aesthetics

Tabletop Scenarios‏ @badthingsdaily A network change has just occurred, exposing your internal instance of struts to the internet.

@TMcSweenyFTC Terrell McSweeny Retweeted Terrell McSweeny Failure to stop further concentration btwn major pharmacy chains is a mistake for which consumers & communities will bear the cost.

@brianklaas Love or hate the Iran deal, scrapping it now directly undermines the credibility of a prospective diplomatic solution in North Korea.

@EFF There’s no reason police can’t put their policy and training materials online. @JerryBrownGov, please sign SB 345

 @briankrebs Media outlets are rediscovering an earlier breach at Equifax that I wrote about in May. Hardly anyone cared before

@stevekovach Medium, which fired its editorial team earlier this year, is hiring an editorial team

@JuliaAngwin Just noticed a former Facebook exec told Wired that our story about the Jew-hater ad category was a “stupid lark”

Apache Releases Security Updates for Apache Tomcat | US-CERT

Avast’s Piriform Releases Security Update for CCleaner