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Roll back encryption today, release your personal opinions to your government, employer, and insurance provider tomorrow

Roll back encryption to aid law enforcement says NY AG

Just remember that you will allow me and other bad guys to have access under these circumstances as well. By that argument, we may as well outlaw encryption entirely because law enforcement needs to have an easier time enforcing laws.

Let’s expand this to laws that might be enacted to stop dissent (you can’t tell me this won’t be on the docket for the coming government in 2017; have you heard all of the things they’ve said to this point?) When dissenting opinion is outlawed, then all your dissent will be subject to law enforcement review. This will include your dissent when this term’s administration is no longer in power, so while you’re of the same opinion as the administration in power today, you may be thinking illegally tomorrow.

You and I cannot know what whim of government will befall us in the future, but we can protect our rights to be secure in our thoughts and on our person today. The bad guys of today may be your leaders of tomorrow.